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National President

Pillar EXcalibur, Augie Cahee

Welcome It is an honor and privilege to greet you as we enter our 10th year of this EXcellent Order, Epsilon Xi Gamma, Incorporated. While members have come to celebrate our Diamond Gammaversary, we realize our celebration does not come without its opportunities.

Ten plus years ago when we were establishing the foundation of our Order, myself and the co-founder, imagined a world of LGBTQ+ women achievers who would make a positive and lasting impact. Ten years ago we never imagined we would see some of the broad reversals in our rights as we have seen recently.

In these unprecedented political and societal times, Gamma stands resolute in our mission and purpose to be servant leaders in, for, and with the LGBTQ+ community. We are EXcited to reflect on the last ten years, while gearing up for our next decades of serving the LGBTQ+ community. We knew there would be challenges then and sadly this remains the same today.

As you peruse our corner of the cyber world, if you are looking for dedicated community partners in the fight for LGBTQ+ people email us at

Lastly, but certainly not least, if you're seeking Greek letters that allow you to be the professional achiever you are or are aspiring to be then take the next step in your membership jouney.

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