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Collegiate & Vocational Award

How It Works

  • A one-time award $500.00 for each category listed below

    • Collegiate​

    • Vocational/Technical

  • Deadline is Deadline is 02.15.2021

  • Winners are required to be photographed, publicized with the award, and possibly attend virtual ceremony

  • One award for a currently enrolled verifiable vocational program or pursuing enrollment

  • One award annually is granted to a  senior in high school, currently enrolled college student, or pursuing enrollment in a college/university 25 years or younger

  • Must submit all criteria as explained in the "Instructions" below.  Submissions with poor grammar or incomplete requirements will not be considered.


  1. Official Transcript must be submitted via: 

    1. P.O. Box 14152
      Houston, TX 77021 
      L.Y.F.E. Foundation 
      Scholarship Applicant (First Name, Last Name) 

  2. Enter your email, then your full name, and application type below, attach documents:

    1. Letter of Introduction (.docx, .pdf, google doc link acceptable. Legible, non-bold, non-color, font size not larger than size 12 not to exceed 500 words or 1 page). Your letter of introduction must include the below.

      1. Name, Prononous, LGBTQ+ umbrella identity ​

      2. Where would like pursue your next level of education?

      3. What are your current activities as it pertains to LGBTQ+ service?

      4. What are your current hobbies?

    2. Essay format answer these 5 questions (.docx, .pdf, google doc link acceptable. Legible, non-bold, non-color, font size not larger than size 12) Question responses should be between (min) 150 and 200 (max).

      • What has been your LGBTQ+ experience?

      • How will this award help you realize your career goals?

      • How do you plan to enrich the lives of other LGBTQ+ citizens while pursuing your education?

      • What are your post graduation goals?

      • After graduation, how will you utilize your success to help other LGBTQ+ citizens?

    3. Headshot or .PNG, .JPG selfie (no group pictures)​

  3. Professional Letter of Reference (Employer, Counselor, Teacher, Volunteer Lead/Coordinator)

  4. Upload all artifacts below ​

  5. Click Apply Now!

*Scholarship awardees will be notified of program details

Collegiate/Vocational Application 
Letter of Introduction
Essay Questions
Letter of Reccomendation
Headshot or Selfie

Thank you for submitting and good luck!