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GED/High School Equivalency Award

How It Works

  • A one-time award $500.00 for each youth or young adults not over the age of 25 may apply for the the GED/High School Equivalency Award 

  • Deadline is 02.15.2021

  • Winners are required to be photographed, publicized with the award, and may be asked to attend a virtual ceremony

Ged/High School Equivalency Instructions​​

  1. Essay Instructions (.docx, .pdf, google doc link acceptable. Legible, non-bold, non-color, font size not larger than size 12 not to exceed 500 words or 1 page). Your letter of introduction must include the below.:

    1.  LGBTQ Identity & Pronouns & Hobbies 

    2.  What has been your LGBTQ experience?

    3.  How will this award help you reach your educational goals? 

    4.  What motivated to pursue your GED?

    5.  What barriers have prevented or stopped you from getting your GED or high school diploma?

  2. Headshot or .PNG, .JPG selfie (no group pictures)​

  3. Professional Letter of Reference (Employer, Counselor, Teacher, Volunteer Lead/Coordinator)

  4. Complete application and upload all artifacts below ​

  5. Click Apply Now!

*Scholarship awardees will be notified of program details

GED/High School Equivalency Application 
Letter of Reccomendation
Upload Headshot or Selfie

Thank you for your application and good luck!