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LGBTQ+ Youth Finding EXcellence

Epsilon Xi Gamma, Inc. is proud to have distributed over 5000 dollars in scholarships to deserving LGBTQ+ Youth all over the country seeking higher education in traditional and non-traditional settings. This year instead of just asking for donations, we have partnered with Haute Pressed Tees for "haute" PRIDE gear! A portion of each purchase goes to fund the future of our LYFE scholarship recipients.  For more about our 2023 winners click here


Epsilon Xi Gamma, Inc. dedicates its time and community resources to agencies, schools, and communities wishing to offer at risk LGBTQ+  youth and young adults an opportunity to obtain life skills, but don't have their own resources available.

Step 1: Adoption

Through community integration and partnerships; Epsilon Xi Gamma, Inc. seeks to meet LGBTQ+ youth where they are to mentor through life's challenges in an effort to teach better decision making, make available school and employment resources, and provide access to professionals dedicated to helping at risk LGBTQ+ youth achieve EXcellence.

Step 2: Visibility
Gamma Youth.jpg

Through member donations, community contributions, and fundraising Gamma is able to offer LGBTQ+ youth scholarships to assist in their educational goals.

Step 3: Resources & Rewards

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