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Time is running out to claim your future!

If you are an LGBTQ youth don't miss your opportunity to claim FREE money for your future.

We know how daunting thinking about your future can be. We understand the amount of time, research, and money it takes to establish a comfortable life. We also understand, for many of you, that the last thing you can think about is college! You're simply trying to survive your current life each day!

Did you know?

About 27 percent of all U.S. jobs were in occupations that typically require less education than a high school diploma for entry. These jobs had a median annual wage of $20,350. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

The first step in reclaiming your future as an LGBTQ youth is finishing your high school education. With the rising cost of EVERYTHING, don't you want to best chance possible? In our research, Epsilon Xi Gamma, Inc. discovered LGBTQ youth without the hurdle of education completion are still more likely to commit suicide, use drugs, or run away from home due to the lack of support at home and school. Source: GLSEN

Claiming your future!

We know it won't be easy, but it will be so worth it! You've probably spent more than one night wondering where your life goes from here. No GED or high school diploma, little to no prospects on how or where you go to get it. Maybe high school isn't an option, maybe home isn't an option. We are here to let you know Epsilon Xi Gamma, Inc. wants to give you the opportunity to exercise a new option! With just a few pieces of information, you can be on your way to claiming #FREE #Scholarship money to complete your high school education.

Apply Today

You regret 100% of the opportunities you didn't take!

Don't let this chance get away!

Our Excellence Awards scholarship gives you a chance to start your journey to establishing yourself and building a life for yourself on your terms. You can have a chance to qualify for better positions or be PROUD of yourself for finishing your education. No matter your goals, Epsilon Xi Gamma, Inc. is here to give you a chance to get there. Time is running out, the deadline for all applications is August 30, 2022. All applications can be completed and submitted online, so what are you waiting for? Apply today! Good luck!

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