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Help LGBTQ Youth! Epsilon Xi Gamma, Inc. presents it's LGBTQ Scholarship Awards by Augie Cahee

Give LGBTQ Youth a fighting chance this Fall by sharing our LGBTQ Scholarship awards to educators and youth in your network.

Choosing a college home is one of the most exciting times for a young college student. Unfortunately for LGBTQ youth, this is not always the reality. Often LGBTQ youth are facing situations, at both home and school that make college a far-away, seemingly impossible goal. LGBTQ youth a more likely to drop out than finish and more likely to turn to drugs and alcohol, if they make it out of high school.

Financial Aid for LGBTQ Youth

An unfortunate truth is that many LGBTQ youth have lost the support of their families and will not receive the funds the Department of Education anticipates when determining the student’s loan, scholarship, and grant eligibility. *Source Campus PRIDE

When your hallways aren't safe, you don't think in terms of tradition like graduation, but survival. When your college dorms and lecture halls are even scarier because there is no structure of protection. College is seen as the beginning of independence and outside of student lead resident assistants, there often isn't anyone immediately available to protect #LGBTQ students.

Support where it counts

Creating a path to success doesn't end with money, but it's a very good start. Many youth of queer experience is often out of their home and suffering from food insecurity when trying to finish their education. Why? Oftentimes, a parent(s) response to their LGBTQ youth is controlled by withholding financial support. This means documentation and tax returns necessary to determine the financial ability or validate a student are withheld. Today many LGBTQ college students have additional steps to declare their independency to receive assistance and have been known to finish college on the streets or in shelters. Your support to your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram can help us spread the word and let these youth know #LGBTQLivesMatter to us!

A few seconds to share can bring a lifetime of positive results

We are going to be straight with you all, well not straight, but directly forward, we need your help to get the word OUT! By taking a few moments to share the link in this sentence you are giving deserving youth an EXCELLENT resource for college help! So just click and share the Excellence Awards Scholarship! Thank you!

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