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September 2010, while at St. John’s Bread of Life kitchen feeding the homeless, two old friends who'd lost touch reunited to serve. During service, they discussed what they felt they had to offer to the community of lesbians and allies who wanted to give back and make a lasting impact in the LGBTQ+ community.  This conversation lead to many more and sparked an idea.  On October 27, 2010 the two put their ideas to paper and created the Gamma shield, esoteric symbols, chose colors, and implemented ideals, ushering in the birth of Epsilon Xi Gamma, Incorporated.











Honorable Founding Pillars

April Allen & Augie Cahee 

Gamma Legacy

The Original Founding Pillars sought to build the foundation of Epsilon Xi Gamma, Inc. and invited three individuals to help build that foundation. Within the first few years of establishment only one of those invited members remained; to honor her commitment to Gamma Natasha "TJ" James became affectionately known as

"Charter Member EXaltHer"

Gamma Pillars & Charter Member James

Honorable Founding Pillars

Charter Member EXaltHer  

Natasha"TJ" James - Spring 2011

Epsilon Xi Gamma, Inc. sparked early success establishing membership on HBCU and Big 10 college campuses in cities across the US! Partnerships expanded along  with membership. Since Gamma's establishment, we have enjoyed collaborating with leading LGBTQ+ organizations such as; National LGBTQ Taskforce; Human Rights Campaign; Lesbian Health Initiative; Right to Marry Campaign, AIDS Foundation Houston, and PRIDEs in each city where we were established. Since its inception, Gamma has executed: 

LGBTQ+ Service 


The Gamma Legacy

The first members of Epsilon Xi Gamma, Inc. represented all facets of the communities we serve; college students, military professionals, corporate professionals; and encompassed both lesbians and allies. They established Gamma in 3 cities an 3 college campuses; as well as establishing national annual projects. To forever solidify their legacy, this group of EXceptional women became integral in helping Gamma establish itself as a legal 501c(10) non-profit organization in the United States. They are affectionately known as,

"The Incorporators"


Incorporator C. Richard - Frat EXtreme, Spring 2012
Incorporator E. Littlefield - Soror undEfeated, Fall 2012
Incorporator T. Brooks - Soror unprEdictable, Fall 2012
Incorporator T. Hubbard - Frat ComplEX, Spring 2013
Incorporator D. Hudson - Frat Anticipation, Spring 2013
Incorporator R. Askew - Frat IntEntions, Spring 2013
Incorporator E. Thomas, Soror Motivation, Spring 2013
Incorporator S. Taylor, Gamma PrEdiction, Spring 2013
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